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If you need to get something off your chest...

If you just want to get something off your chest..
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If you just want to get something off your chest...
Did you ever just want to get something off your chest, but didn't know where to turn? Ever need to say something but wouldn't or couldn't for whatever reason? Or did you ever just want to say something and know that people will hear?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the place for you. We will not judge, condemn, ridicule, or belittle you. We won't try to force anything on you or even help you if you don't want us to. But we will listen.

You are totally and completely free to express yourself here. You can write a letter to someone, ask a question, or just rant - whatever makes you feel better. If you have a secret and want to tell it, fine. If you want to write a letter to your ex to say "I'm sorry", fine. If you just want to write down what you're thinking, that's fine too.

However, for the sake of others and yourself, please follow these few simple rules:

1) If you must use profanity at all, it would be nice if you would put it under an lj-cut.

2) Please don't leave any rude, obscene, or generally not nice comments on the entries of others. Disagreement is one thing, being rude is another. (If this ever does happen, please alert vampirereverie.)

3) Pictures are fine, but if they are large and may take a while to download, please put them under a cut. The same goes for an extremely long entry.

4) ABSOLUTELY NO PORNOGRAPHY! This may seem obvious, but there is zero-tolerance here for anything of that nature. If you really want to post a painting or something like that that has MILD nudity (for example, a picture of Michelangelo's "David") please run it by vampirereverie first.

5) Moderate promoting of other communities is fine, but try to keep it to a minimum.

6) Please just respect one another. Don't be mean or rude, and don't cause trouble or drama.

And most importantly...

(I know it's a cliche, but it's a good one)